1) How do I get on the wait list?

Wait list

To obtain a position on the Wait List, to enroll at a future date, or as soon as a spot is available, we require two things: 

  1. Completion of the Wait List/Future Enrollment Form available on our website and…
  2. Payment of a $50 non-refundable Wait List Fee

Placement in the classroom from the wait list occurs when a vacancy matching your needs opens up within 30 days of your desired start date.  We will keep track of changes to our current schedules and will contact you via email and phone to offer you the opening and an exact start date.  

Please be aware that our priorities in offering a position considers several factors, including:   Families purchasing the greatest number of days or hours per week, current CK families needing a schedule change, children of employees of Cultured Kids, seniority of Deposits received, etc. 

Information about what happens when a position opens up can be found in the the Parent Handbook on page 6.


2) Can I come observe a classroom for a few hours?

All visiting may be done on an appointment basis.  You may make an appointment by calling 608-833-5437 or emailing us at contact@culturedkids.com.


3) Will you take state, county, city, or University child care assistance payments?

We participate in the Child Care Tuition Assistance Program a.k.a. CCTAP on UW’s Campus and Wisconsin Shares. 

Our identification numbers for this program are as follows:

  1. Dept. of Children & Families State License #1015015
  2. CCTAP vendor #588314

4) Are you a PTA safe, Nut “Safe”,  Nut Free, or Egg “Safe” or Egg Free?



5) What are your hours of operation?

Hours of Operation:     7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


6) Can I pay online?

Yes.  We are a member of the QuickBooks Payment System.  Through the QuickBooks Payment System ACH payments are free. ACH is a transfer from your checking account to ours and is set up using your account number and bank routing number.  QuickBooks Payment System also allows you to make payments with your credit card or debit card however there is a 3.25% processing fee for this method of payment.


7)  Are you closed for holidays? 

We are closed New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Day After Thanksgiving
(aka Black Friday), and Christmas Day. Tuition remains the same and includes these holidays during vacations.


8) Do you provide breakfast and/or lunch?

No.  Each child brings his or her own breakfast and/or lunch.  We provide morning and afternoon snacks.


9) Do you have an enrollment fee?

Yes.  Our enrollment fee is $50 per child.


10) Do you charge if my child is absent for vacation, holidays, or illness?

Yes.  Our tuition is billed at a monthly rate.  You pay for the month to guarantee availability of care for your child for your scheduled times.


11) Do you have a Summer Program? 

Yes, we accept summer only enrollment of children. 


12) Can my child’s summer schedule change temporarily?

Yes. In March, our families will indicate if their summer schedule will stay the same, require a change in the number of days, or when they will be out for a few weeks or days. Tuition for families remains the same unless earned vacation credit is used or their child is un-enrolled for the entirety of the summer. Un-enrollment for the summer will place a family back on the wait list for the Fall.


13) Will my child still understand me when I talk to them?

Yes they will.  Children are incredibly adaptable and will be able to retain and expand their English and Spanish simultaneously.  (see Supporting Research).


14) How will my child retain their Spanish after they have moved on to Kindergarten or 1st grade?

Our hope is that your child will continue to learn and use their Spanish during our After school or Summer Camp opportunities or in a Bilingual or Dual Language Immersion programs around Madison.
Otherwise, without regular exposure to Spanish, the language will be lost for a time, until they begin classes and are regularly using it again.


 15) When will my child speak or learn English?

 Your child will continue to expand their English vocabulary from peers and home every day. Because English is the first language for most of our CKers, the kids will regularly use this language with each other until they learn new phrases to share in Spanish. This is our teacher’s responsibility. With their teachers, the children are required and guided to use new Spanish vocabulary until it becomes natural and easier. This happens faster, the younger and more frequent they attend. Children will continue to absorb most of their English from everyday exposure to it at the store, church, library, and playgroups, but mostly from home. Our staff will only speak Spanish to your child unless there is a special emergency requiring English. When your child doesn’t understand something their teacher will rephrase, use visual aids, and/or show the child what they mean, all the while speaking to them in Spanish or Mandarin.