Our Philosophy

Cultured Kids of Madison is an immersive, foreign language experience for native-English speaking children, ages 6 weeks to 6 years old. We are also a cultural safe haven for minority children whose parents want to slow the erosion of their native culture while living amongst a majority culture.


We are a premium provider of nurturing and experiential education for children of parents who are committed to removing barriers to their children’s lifelong participation in global society at the personal, and eventually, professional level.

We focus on household and casual language styles for preparing children to feel comfortable making friends with children of other cultures they may meet during day to day activity. This is the ideal primer for both cultural exchange, entrance into a bilingual elementary school program, and further academic study of the foreign language in later years.


Who should use our services?

  • Parents who want to maximize their child’s professional opportunities in the coming decades
  • Parents who want to keep their children surrounded by their native culture, knowing their child will absorb all the English and American culture they will ever need from the ever-present mainstream media
  • People who regret not having helped someone in need because the language barrier was too awkward or difficult
  • Parents who understand that truly visiting a foreign country has nothing to do with tour groups, all-inclusive resorts, or eating at establishments that also sell t-shirts