Required Parent Forms

 Click the age appropriate links below to fill out and print the appropriate enrollment forms.

  1. CKOM Waitlist Form

  2. DCF Child Enrollment Form (needed for all ages)

  3. CKOM-Child-Personality-Profile-and-Schedule

  4. DCF Child Health History & Emergency Care Plan  (needed for all ages)

  5. DCF Child Health Report  (needed for all ages)

  6. DCF Student Immunization Record DPH 4020L (needed for all ages)  

  7. Photo Release Agreement

  8. DCF Your Guide To Licensed Child Care  (needed for all ages)

  9. It Shouldn’t Hurt to be a Child

10. DCF USDA recommendations ages 1-12

11. ProCare-Parent-Authorization-ACH


Forms Also Required for Infants and Toddlers  

12. DCF Intake For Child Under 2 Years Old

13. DCF USDA recommendations birth through 11 months